• All grooms include a full body health check, 2 X shampoos, a conditioner, blow drying the coat, brushing, nail trimming, ear cleaning and any clipping or scissoring work to the style of your liking. 

  • We are trained in ear plucking if you wish your dogs ears to be cleared of hair (depending on breed). Anal glands are to be carried out by a veterinarian. 


  • If the breed of your dog is not shown, please contact us for more information. 

  • Crossbreeds will be charged at the cost of the dog they most resemble, depending on their size and coat type, in the opinion of the groomer. For example, a Cockerpoo that is 14 inches to the shoulder, with a thick coat would be priced similarly to a miniature poodle.

  • When making an appointment, please describe the condition of your dog in as much detail as possible, so we can give you the most realistic quote.

  • Bath, brush and tidy, mid-groom appointments are available for those on a regular schedule and can be priced individually. 

Popular Breeds & Prices

Airedale    £65-£85

Bearded Collie    £65-£85

Bedlington Terrier    £50-60

Bichon Frise    £50-£60

Border Collie    £50-£60

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel    £45-£55

Cocker Spaniel    £50-£60

English Springer Spaniel    £55-£65

German Shepherd    £70-£120

Golden Retriever    £60-£80

Kerry Blue Terrier    £60-£75

Large Spitz Breeds    £70-£150

Medium Spitz Breeds    £55-£130

Old English Sheepdog    £70-£100

Poodle-Toy <11inch    £50-£60

Poodle-Miniature 11<15inch    £55-70

Poodle-Standard 15inch<    £70-£95

Pomeranian    £40-£55

Pekingese    £50-£60

Rough Collie    £80-£120

Schnauzer-Miniature    £50-£55

Schnauzer-Standard    £55-£70

Schnauzer-Giant    £70-£90

Scottish Terrier    £50-£60

Setters    £65-£80

Shih Tzu    £45-£55

Staffordshire Bull Terrier    £45-£50

Tibetan Terrier    £55-£65

West Highland White Terrier    £45-£55

Wheaten Terrier    £60-£75

Yorkshire Terrier    £45-£50

Groom Types & Prices

Puppy Introductions    £30-£35

Toy breed-short coated    £35-£40

Small breed-short coated    £40-£45

Medium breed-short coated    £45-£50

Large breed-short coated    £50-£55

Extra large breed-short coated    £55-£60

Carding the coat    £45-£105

Hand-stripping the coat    £55-£130

Nail trim/ grind & pad hair clip    £20-£25*

Extra Charges & Prices

Dogs over their schedule/ excessive coat (groomers discretion)    £5-£20

Matts / Matted Clip Off    £5-£35

Compacted double coat    £5-£35

Please note:
  • All prices are a guide and may be subject to change depending on the style of trim, distance travelled, the dogs behaviour, the time taken to groom and clean the van and equipment. 

  • Dogs that are in very bad condition or of bad temperament will be charged more to cover the extra time spent working with them.

  • An accurate price will be given once we have seen the dog, however this may change slightly depending on your dogs behaviour during the groom.


Cancellations/ No-shows
  • 48 Hours notice will be needed when cancelling appointments. Failure to do so will result in a cancellation fee of the full price of the groom. Failure to be at the arranged place of the groom will result in the full cancellation fee being due. Failure to produce the dog within 15 minutes of the groom time will result in cancellation of the groom and the cancellation fee being due. 


Pests & Diseases
  • If your dog is found to have fleas or any other zoonotic pests or diseases, evidence will be taken for you, the appointment cancelled, and you will be charged the full amount of the groom to cover the costs of cleaning the van.

Discounts & Offers
  • *Nail trimming only- £12 per dog (after the first dog at full price) at the same address.


  • When three or more dogs are booked in together for full grooms at the same and address, each groom will be given a 5% discount. (This includes family or friend’s dogs). *Appointments must be back to back.

  •  5% off for both you AND your friend when you recommend them. *Discount given to your friend on their first full groom appointment. Discount given to you at the next full groom appointment after your friend’s dog has been groomed. Discount only on one dog per household, which can be the most expensive dog in multiple dog households.