Mobile Dog Grooming

Our new van provides a stress free environment for your pet to be pampered at home.

Quality over quantity is our motto, as we like to give the best finish we can to each dog, rather than rushing to do as many dogs as possible in a day. This enables us to make sure that your dog is properly cared for and comes under as little stress as possible. 

The only thing we require is a legal place to park our large van and a plug socket for our extension lead.


 The best, natural products are used to give even the most sensitive pups a comfortable experience. The top quality shampoos and conditioners that are used on your dogs, are the ones that groomers save to use for their own dogs only. I want you and your dogs to experience the benefits from these premium products too!


We want grooming to become enjoyable for your dogs. Un-like a salon, your dog will not be put in a cage and will have the same person working on the dog from start to finish. We like to groom each dog to the best of our ability, while keeping them happy... and strive for better, quality grooms.

Our Policies

Your pets welfare will always be our priority over vanity. If the dogs coat is severely matted, it would cause a lot of pain to try and brush the matts out. Therefore a clip off would be necessary to prevent any further suffering to the dog. Matted coats are very painful as they pull on your dog's skin, especially when they move. 

If a dog tries to bite then a muzzle will be used for our safety. We do try and keep restraints to a minimum and will only keep the muzzle on for as long as we feel that it is necessary. 

Prices given before the groom will be an estimate. Under some circumstances it is necessary to charge more due to the dog being large for their breed, the coat being matted, pests being present and the dog's behaviour whilst being groomed. 


As a small business, we hope that customers are understanding with our policies.

A duty of care form will have to be signed before the start of any groom. All personal information will be kept safe and secure, in a locked cabinet and a locked phone. Your information will not shared with anybody other than our staff.